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RPC over HTTPS not working for captainjy

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  • RPC over HTTPS not working for captainjy

    I really hope this discussion takes off because I have been working on this for some time. I am probably missing a really stupid, easy thing.

    We have a Windows 2000 network. Several domain controllers, 1 Exchange 2003 Server and 1 Windows 2003 GC server. On the Exchange Server, OWA and RPC are installed. We are NATing. I have followed all the procedures and I can see an HTTPS session initiated on the Exchange/RPC/OWA server, but it times out. I have used as many ports that I can think of in the ValidPorts entry and on the LAN, only the Mail type is HTTPS, but all the rest are TCP/IP when using Outlook.exe /rpcdiag. I confirmed the listening ports on Exchange. What am I missing? Can someone who is knowledgeable explain in detail how this process works from the client to the RPC server? What am I missing?

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    Re: RPC over HTTP not working

    Originally posted by Sembee View Post
    Almost all RPC over HTTPS errors comes down to one of four things...

    1. Not meeting the requirements.
    Exchange 2003 on Windows 2003, Windows XP SP2 or higher with Outlook 2003 or higher, and at least one Windows 2003 GC.
    Windows 2000 will not work.

    2. SSL Certificate.
    Certificate not trusted or in the wrong name. Browse to from the client and see if you get a certificate prompt. If you do then the feature will not work.
    If you are trying to use a home grown certificate then stop now and use a commercial certificate. You will save yourself a lot of hassle.

    3. Registry Settings wrong.
    The registry settings on a single server can be tricky to get right. I know that Daniel has instructions here, but I can get this feature working in less than 30 minutes using my own.

    4. Authentication mismatch.
    This is simply having Integrated Authentication enabled on the virtual directory and basic enabled in Outlook, or vice versa. Integrated Authentication is referred to as NTLM in Outlook.

    Hey Simon. I am not sure if you are directing your post at me, but if so, I do have Exchange 2003 on Windows 2003 and a Windows 2003 GC/DC in a Windows 2000 forest. OWA is on the same server with a valid cert. All is working great in OWA.


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      Re: RPC over HTTP not working

      Originally posted by Sembee View Post
      If you had posted in a separate thread then there wouldn't be the confusion over who the post was aimed at.

      Now I understand what MVP stands for....

      Apparently the format here is not like other forums where people actually search for topics, contribute or seek help then submit to a given subject.


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        Re: RPC over HTTPS not working for captainjy

        captainjy's posts have been split off from a thread they hijacked.

        Please post you problem here in greater detail so members who have the knowledge may be able to try and assist you with your problem.

        A reading of the posting rules will assist you in becoming familiar with how this Forum and all other professional and most other Forums I have encountered work.

        Originally posted by captainjy
        Now I understand what MVP stands for....
        Please, share your understanding and enlighten us all.

        Finally, this is a free site where EVERYONE who contributes to the solutions does so on a voluntary basis. I read the above quote as sarcastic, I may be wrong, but i would strongly suggest do not bite the hand that types the solution to your problem.
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