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Archiving doesn't!

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  • Archiving doesn't!

    I have inherited an Exchange 2000 setup which until a couple of days ago was going along just fine. Then on Monday the the information store dismounted and I got the 16GB limit message. So I made space on the server and ran eseutil /d and got back about 4 GB but it just didn't seem enough. The edb file is around 4 GB and the stm is 7 GB - this is a site with 20 users. Speaking to some of the staff I hear that the people that originally setup the system made an error in the configuration such that when a user archives messages they are not deleted from the store, even with the retention of deleted items set to 0 days. Now it has been a couple of years since I worked extensively with exchange so I am still catching up a little but does this make sense?