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1 User not updating in GAL

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  • 1 User not updating in GAL

    I have a single user who's info is not updating in the GAL. Changes to things
    like Description, Office, Telephone Number will not show. I have created new
    users and adjusted their info and it worked fine. Users that have already
    been created can have their information adjusted and it shows up in the GAL
    just fine. However this users info cannot be manipulated. It seems like it's
    a permissions issue but not sure where to go from here. I'm running Exchange
    2k3 sp2. All DC's are 2k3 running in Windows 2000 Native Mode. Any ideas?

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    Re: 1 User not updating in GAL

    How are you trying to adjust the information? Through ADUC or using another tool?
    Although for single user issues I tend to suggest simply creating a new account and moving everything across to the new account and forwarding all email to that new account and hiding the old one.

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