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SMTP Connector - Deleted object

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  • SMTP Connector - Deleted object

    Has anyone ever had a problem where a que pops up in ESM displaying
    "SMTP Connector - Deleted Objects (SMTP Connector) ???
    its only happening from a 3rd party fax software we use to transfer incoming faxes to public folders. it works if you select a user's mailbox.
    I have been in touch with the vendor and have folllowed all troubleshooting docs.
    i used adsi to see if my old exch 2k3 server will still in play but it only shows my new exch 2k3 server.

    i';ve recently completed a swing migration from exch2k3 to another exch2k3 server. Server is fully patch - running a member win2k3 standard r2 w/ exch2k3 standards sp2 and all post hotfixes.

    I also ran the mtacheck utility to see if there was a problem there but no reported errors came back after the util was run.

    any ideas?