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Exchange 2003 Mail Access and Multiple Domains with Trusts.

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  • Exchange 2003 Mail Access and Multiple Domains with Trusts.

    I am a new member of this forum and I will really like to have some input into the below. So here it goes.

    There are two companies that are in no way linked currently.
    They will be linked soon and they will both be having one single email address rather than what they have now (separate addresses)

    Here is the breakdown:

    Company A
    1 AD Domain + 1 Exchange 2003 Mail

    Company B
    2 AD Domains + 2 NT Domains + 1 Exchange 2003 Mail

    Future Requirements:
    Company A & B will merge
    New Name will come in place (e.g. Company T)
    1 Exchange Email for Company T
    Other Resources in Company A & B must still be accessible.

    My Solution so far:
    Establish a link to both companies (A & B) from a virtual LAN
    Install a new AD Domain (with FQDN) in the Virtual LAN environment
    Install Exchange 2003 in the Virtual LAN
    Establish Full Trusts with all domains in both companies and company T in the virtual LAN
    Configure stub zones in all domains
    Configure Mailboxes for users in both companies in the new Exchange server using the users current Login ID's
    Reconfigure Outlook client to point to the new Mail server
    Configure dnssuffix on client systems to contain the dns address of the AD in company T.

    After having ll these in mind, I am still thinking if users from the two companies will be able to access mails in the new domain.
    I think perhaps that there should be more things to configure.

    Please your exchange/AD expert inputs.