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Purging single inbox older then X days withOUT using ExMerge

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  • Purging single inbox older then X days withOUT using ExMerge

    I am working for an office that has their spam mail filtered by an ISP, then it sends that mail to a single mailbox called “spam.” We are using an Exchange 2k server / SP3. Currently, there are 4.5 Gb of data in the “users” mailbox.

    I need to find a way to do a couple of things:

    (1) Delete a large amount of mail in the “users” inbox (3.5 Gb +) using other then the ExMerge utility. (It always dies after it cleans out 120 – 150 Mb of data).

    (2) Be able to auto delete all files that are 35 days or older.

    Is there a way to do this? I have tried looking it up on Microsoft’s site, but I just get everything else but what I am looking for. I have a feeling that you need to use some script(s) of some sort; however, I don’t know squat about scripting (e.g.: ADO, WMI, VB, etc). I am not afraid of it, and I am willing to try, I just don’t know anything about scripting except for DOS batch files and *gasp* Novell login scripts.

    Thanks in advance-


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    I have the same issue with NDR's mailbox. Is now close to 8 Gb and i manually delete emails but i am not going very far.

    If i find a way i let you know. I created a rule once on that mailbox but it caused exchange to crash.

    Good luck !!!


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      You both might benefit from this article over at
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        Last time we tried something like that (i was told) the exchange server crushed but as i am taking over here i will give it a go.


        MCP,MCSA , CCNA , No Life