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  • OWA Logon Problem

    hi, i have installted Exchange was working fine from last one year.Now a days when i access it with server name like http://server/exchange. then no problem and its working fine in sending and receiving mails.
    when i access it with public name like then it gives problem " Access denied" without login window prompt for username and password. just it gives error access status bar just show the redirction to other website but actually no redriction and gives error access denied.And some time display chinees in place of "done" in status bar most left side.i have direct connection with live IP. When i restart the server then it works for some time and working fine after that it gives problem(Access denied).Mail sending and receiving through MS Outlook is working fine in every case.

    It show redreiction to the following links and gives message access denied.

    i scaned almost aal anitvirus,antispyware and adware but no one can detect this problem.
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    Re: OWA Logon Problem

    If it always works fine internally then it is either something restricting access or blocking the access. If it is IIS doing the blocking then the access block should be logged in the web logs. That is where I would be looking to begin with. If there is nothing in the web logs then you need look elsewhere for the cause of the failure to connect.

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