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Removal of Exchnage 2003 in SBS -> Adding Stand Alone Server

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  • Removal of Exchnage 2003 in SBS -> Adding Stand Alone Server

    Here goes:

    I have 2 Servers
    1. SBS 2003 (DC, Exchnage, etc)
    2. New Stand alone box for Exchnage

    What I would like to do is discontinue the use of the Exchnage portion of Exchnage on SBS and inroduce a new Exchnage box independant of SBS. Currently I have the new box loaded up with Exchnage and everything seems to be functioning correctly. The exception is when I add the Exchange account on Outlook it still points to the old Exchnage (SBS) box. Is there a simple step that I am missing that will allow me to stop using the SBS box and allow the new Exchange box to take over? The new Exchange server is the Routing Group Master.

    Secondly, would is be a good or bad idea to remove Exchnage from the SBS once all is said and done.

    Thanks to all....

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    Re: Removal of Exchange 2003 in SBS -> Adding Stand Alone Server

    I would actually leave Exchange on the SBS Server. That will allow you to continue to use everything that SBS provides, including the configuration of the users and clients with the wizards. Once you have moved all the mailboxes off the server and replicated the public and system folders you can make it a frontend server and then leave the SBS Server as the one exposed to the internet. Remember to patch the SBS Server before the new standalone server.

    However when you create the account with the wizard the mailbox will be created on the SBS Server. If the server is a frontend server it cannot host mailboxes. Therefore after creating the account and before it is used, use Move Mailbox to move it to the new server. Outlook will update itself automatically.
    Leaving Exchange on the SBS Server will also helps with the way that SBS is designed to work, as it will reset the configuration of Outlook to point to the SBS Server.

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