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    My customer is a large real eastate office. One of the users wants her default e-mail address to show her own domain, not the company's domain. For example, the real estate company is and the network is realestate.local. The user Debbie has a company e-mail address [email protected]

    Debbie also has her own domain called The Exchange server is not authoratative for and is not in the recipient policy, but Debbie has added as her primary SMTP address in her profile on the Windows network.

    E-mail coming in to [email protected] works fine because this is secondary e-mail address. Any e-mail being sent from has a return address Is this acceptable?

    It appears when someone on the network sends an e-mail to all the recipients in the GAL, there is a delay in Debbie receiving the e-mail. Debbie has a secondary SMTP address [email protected]l and the Exchange messgage tracking utility shows the message being delivered, but she does not receive it until later. The only thing different from her account over any other recipient is the SMTP return address. Do you think Exchange looks at this as a spoof?
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    Re: Default SMTP address

    If the domain isn't listed in recipient policy then Exchange is treating the message as external.
    Exchange will not be seeing it as a spoof as Exchange has no mechanism to do that. However that isn't to say that other sites wouldn't' see it as a spoof. Anyone doing strict lookups on the DNS records would see the email coming from your server but that server isn't' responsible for the email and therefore may reject it.

    Message tracking should show the delivery of the message. If it says that the message was delivered to the mailbox but the user doesn't see it for some time after that, then the problem is NOT with Exchange, it is something client side and it is a coincidence that the user has a different email address.

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