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Exchange 2000 DB Size Issues

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  • Exchange 2000 DB Size Issues

    Hope someone can help me with a problem I'm encountering with one of my exchange servers.

    My problem relates to the size of the database. I am running Exch2k std edition, so I am limited to 16.3gb db size. Over the past few months I have exceeded this limit 3 times. Each time I have had to delete some mails/mailboxes and then use eseutil to carry out an offline defrag. The last time I carried this out, my db size shrank to around 9gb total (.edb and .stm) However, this has grown again and breached yesterday.

    When I view my mailboxes in ESM, I see only 6gb of mailbox size. While I understand that this never shows the complete size of the store, surely the White space should not be equal to this.

    My edb file is currently sitting at 13.5gb with 2.5gb in STM.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.



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    Re: Exchange 2000 DB Size Issues

    Have a look at this and the event log

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      Re: Exchange 2000 DB Size Issues

      ESM does not show you the true size of the database. It only shows part of it. Therefore adding up the size of the mailboxes will NEVER equal the size of the physical store. Read the "More Information" at the end of this article:

      You need to look at upgrading. I work on the simple basis that once you hit the limit you will constantly hit the limit. I you upgrade to Exchange 2007 you will get unlimited database size. If you decide to use downgrade rights and go to Exchange 2003, then once you install SP2 and make a registry change you will get a 75gb limit.

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        Re: Exchange 2000 DB Size Issues

        Thanks for the feedback guys. We do have an Exchange 2007 project in the pipeline, so I guess I'll have to bit a little more draconian with my Mailbox limits until that comes on line