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Help I cant uninstall Exchange2003 and run ForestPrep

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  • Help I cant uninstall Exchange2003 and run ForestPrep

    After setting up Exchange Server2003 and removing it with the removeorg switch. I now wants to uninstall it the error is giving me is "Setup detects that your Active Directory Schema has has not been extended for use by Exchange 2003. Some Exchange System Manager functionality will not be available until setup is run with the forestPrep Switch". If I try to run with the ForestPrep switch I get this error The component Microsoft Exchange messaging and collaboration services cannot be assigned the action Install because: To install the first Exchange server in a domain, or to run setup in /ForestPrep mode, you must be on Exchange Full Administrator at the organization level. You must use an account that has been granted the Full Exchange Administrator role on the Exchange organization using the Exchange Administrative Delegation wizard".

    Please and Please I need help so that I can run forestPrep again. Exchange Gurus and MVP's this is peace of cake for you guys.