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Migrating Public Folders

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  • Migrating Public Folders

    Before we start, yes I have used the search function with keywords migrating public folders.

    I would like to know whats the best method to migrating public folders from one domain to another?

    Server A
    win 2000 sp3
    exch 2000
    Domain A

    Server B
    win2003 sp2
    exch 2003 sp2
    Domain B

    Can I pfmigrate server A to server B even though they are on two different domains?

    Should I just use interorg to replicate, and once replication finishes, turn off interorg?

    what do you recommend?


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    Re: Migrating Public Folders

    Well you could export your public folders into a PST file or use pfmigrate


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      Re: Migrating Public Folders

      Interorg or PST files are about your only choices.

      pfmigrate is not going to help. There is a lot of misunderstanding about that tool - all it does is add servers to the list of replicas. However as the native replication is confined to the boundaries of the Exchange org, it is of no use to you.

      Personally I usually use PST files because I don't want anything coming across that I don't have control over.

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