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Exchange 2003, mail going in to Deferred Delivery Queue

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  • Exchange 2003, mail going in to Deferred Delivery Queue

    Apologies the title should read Exchange 2003 mail going in to deferred delivery queue. I accidently hit enter instead of backspace


    We're having a problem with one of our Exchange servers where incoming external mail is going in to the "messages queued for deferred delivery" queue. They then sit there for exactly 10mins before been delivered to the recipient. Unfortunatley the people on this site deal with urgent requests, if 10min is taken out of there 4 hour response time for every request they tend to get a bit ratty.

    This only seems to happen on exchange3.

    In our setup we have 3 exchange mail store servers on 3 different sites, and one frontend server on the same as the 1st exchange box.

    Unfortunatley the person who setup and administers our mail system is off sick, at the moment and the mail system is not something I usually do too much administration on so my exchange knowledge is limited, therefore I'm on a bit of steep exchange learning curve at the moment.

    I would be gratefull if anyone can point me in the right direction to fault find this problem


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    Re: Exchange 2003, mail going in to Deferred Delivery Queue

    Question title updated to reflect the actual subject.

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