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Missing POP3 emails

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  • Missing POP3 emails

    Hi Everyone,

    I set up a user on SBS 2003 and created an exchange mailbox as normal but I wasn't there to set up the POP3 connector for that particular account - I realise SMTP is bettre but this particular site only picks up by POP3.

    Unfortunately some one else has access to the internet control panel so I only created the address on the SBS Server and checked the internal mail functioned, leaving them to add the POP3 connector account later...

    Now heres where it gets tricky. They created the correct pick up values but didn't specify a local mailbox to transfer them into!

    So exchange was picking up mail from this account for a good month before they reported it to me as a fault!

    The user only connects using OWA so they have no OST anywhere but have been sent a number of important external emails that are knowhere to be found.

    I have done a search using the mailbox tool and various other searches but these messages seem to be nowhere.

    Any ideas where I might start to look?



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    Re: Missing POP3 emails

    There is a failed mail functionality in the POP3 connector. However if the messages are not in that folder then they have been lost. One of the major drawbacks with using the POP3 connector, as the messages would not be bounced in the usual way.

    If they have any kind of permanent internet connection, get them switched to SMTP delivery. The POP3 connector is not designed for long term use - just to assist with the move to SMTP delivery.

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      Re: Missing POP3 emails

      Well done Simon, you are correct, but you knew that...

      I had nearly got there,but not quite. I had done a text search for a name I was given that had definitely sent an email but I had just done it on the exchange branch of the server and found it in a text log but knowhere else.

      Yes, they were all in the folder you suggested.

      I had corrected the fault the other day so I dumped them in the incoming and it sorted them.

      All messages were there.

      Many thanks,