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Free/Busy information is N/A for exchange smtp contacts

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  • Free/Busy information is N/A for exchange smtp contacts

    Hi All.

    In my firm, we have an Exchange 2000 Server and an Ftp Server.

    Most of our employees are exchange users, but some use an external POP service instead.

    Every POP user also has an exchange contact with an SMTP address (and this is the only address for the contact) in order for him to be on the address list of the exchange.

    In order to see each other's calander we use the Outlook Free/Busy feature using a shared FTP directory on the FTP server.

    This procedure works well when a pop user checks other pop user's free/busy information.

    The problem arrives when an exchange user tries to quary the free/busy information of a pop user. the smtp address is automaticly resolved to an exchange contact and I suppose that is why outlook does not quary the free/busy information on the FTP server. (although it is configured to do so)

    Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

    Thanks, Amit.

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    Amit, did you try to delete on of the contacts (or at least rename it) and to test if it's related to the fact that there is a contact or not?

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      It is

      When there was no contact it worked fine.

      Furthermore, when I create a local contact in the contacts folder of an oulook that is not configured as exchange client and i save it in the contacts folder of outlook that is an exchange client it also works fine.

      The problem is when the contact is from exchange.

      I attached a picture of an appointment attendees selection.
      The first user - Test - is an exchange contact.
      The second - Testlocal - is a local contact which have no equivalent in exchange.
      You can see that Outlook refers them differently.

      I also like to mention that the exchange contact has no X400 address.

      Thanks Daniel.
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