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Calender invites are going to the wrong person

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  • Calender invites are going to the wrong person

    So I am posting this in the Exchange section, because I think this is an issue with Exchange not Outlook.

    Here is my problem. I have 3 Users, Sean, Roxann and Heather. Roxann was Sean's old admin, Heather is Sean's new admin.

    Heather has editor permissions to Sean's Calender, Roxann no longer has any permissions, she has been completely removed.

    When meeting invites are sent to Sean, Roxann keeps getting a copy of the invite on behalf of Sean. I have tested this, and it happens when sending the meeting invites from multiple different users. If Heather does not create the meeting invite she will not get any of Sean's meeting invites.

    Very confusing, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Re: Calender invites are going to the wrong person

    Delegates. Almost certainly.
    There will be a delegate entry somewhere. If you can't see the delegate listed then it could still be a stuck delegate setting in the server.
    To remove that you need to use my delegate reset procedure.

    1. Remove all existing delegates and restart Outlook.
    2. Add a new delegate - one who has never been a delegate on any of the affected accounts before (I have been known to create a new account for this purpose). Wait 30 minutes for that information to be published to the server.
    3. Restart Outlook.
    4. Remove the new delegate and wait another 30 minutes.
    5. Add the required delegates back in again.

    It is important that the delegate who is the temporary one is someone never used before, so that the list is fresh - AND you have removed the existing delegates first.

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