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Single Frontend with mutiple exchange with different domain AD

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  • Single Frontend with mutiple exchange with different domain AD


    Recently we have setup a new exchange server for our new domainB. Our current setup already have domainA as exchange frontend/backend setup.

    My question is can i have OWA logon page on the same frontend server which has the logoon page for domainA at port 80 and
    another logon page for domainB at port 88 set on the IIS.

    So my point is single server acting as frontend for two different exchange servers.

    Hope its understood.
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    Re: Single Frontend with multiple exchange with different domain AD

    Trying to run OWA on any port other than 80/443 is not supported and will usually cause problems. As long as the servers are in the same ORG, then the frontend server can serve both.
    What is your reason for wanting them on different ports?

    If the second Exchange server is in a separate WINDOWS forest, then the frontend server cannot work for that Exchange server.

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