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EXCH2K3 : Mail attachement limit

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  • EXCH2K3 : Mail attachement limit


    To begin with, I'm not native english speaking so don't take account on my english skill...

    I have verified all the parameters of my Exchange Server 2003 (Global parameters / Emailbox bank / Virtual SMTP default server / User : Exchange - General) but when I try to send to my corporate mailbox attachements about 5 Mo I receive the message :

    <MyExchSrv.MyDomain.Ext #5.2.3 smtp;450 5.2.3 Msg Size greater than allowed by Remote Host>

    Because I have a Netasq Firewall and a Symantec AntiSpam, I have verified those two devices but there is no more limit parameter for messages.

    If I don't solve the problem quickly I won't have many hair in a couple of days.



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    Re: EXCH2K3 : Mail attachement limit


    for error codes follow this link

    it seems that remote (reciever end) mesging box set some limitation for incoming email.. (do not recieve email more then 4 MB..)



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      Re: EXCH2K3 : Mail attachement limit

      Thank you muneer_bom3,

      Although I already took a look to limitations, I have read the link you gave me.
      Unfortunately, it don't give me kind of solution, because I checked all the points of limitation as mentionned before.
      Just to be careful, I checked the disk quota but it's not activated.

      Any idea ?
      Thanks by advance


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        Re: EXCH2K3 : Mail attachment limit

        Are you able to send messages internally over the limit?
        If so it could be an issues with the IIS metabase not being updated correctly and SMTP is still seeing the old limit. Try changing the limit to something else (particularly if you have taken the limit off completely) on the SMTP virtual server and then restart the SMTP Server Service. Then change the limit to something else again that is larger than 5mb and restart the SMTP Server Service.

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          Re: EXCH2K3 : Mail attachement limit


          When I try to send an over-limit mail in local, I have the same error message but the message succeeds.

          Any idea ?