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GAL not updating

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  • GAL not updating

    Hi I am running server 2003 and exchange 2003 and I can't seem to get my outlook to update the GAL. I have tried the following steps:

    1. In Exchange System Manager, Go to "Recipients", "All Global Address Lists".
    2. Right click on "Default Global Address List" and choose "Properties".
    3. On the first tab there is a button marked "Preview". Click that This will show you the complete address list.

    When I do this the list looks correct.

    in outlook I did
    1. Tools, Send/Receive
    2. Choose "Download Address Book...".
    3. Click OK to the option.

    then just to make sure I rebuilt the Address Book and downloaded the address book again.

    I even created another address book and it seems to be working fine (my users use the GAL and even if I remove it, the old copy still won't change/go away)

    Any ideas / suggestions?

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    Re: GAL not updating

    Your problem isn't with the GAL. It is with the OAB. The preview button shows live information, so if everything is correct there then the GAL is fine.

    You need to look at the OAB configuration. Ensure that it is updating correctly. If you have been playing around with Address Lists then ensure the OAB is looking at the correct Address List and on the Mailbox Store that it is set to use the correct OAB.

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