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Import Exchange 2003 Public Folder Contacts

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  • Import Exchange 2003 Public Folder Contacts

    My users decided to make a copy of our Global Contacts to each local workstation rather than using the Public Folder version. Now I have 14 different copies with different updates across the network. What is the most efficient method to import these local copies back into the Public Folder copy? The primary fields may remain the same, First Name - Last Name - Company but the other fields may have changes like Main Phone number, Contact Person, Fax, Address etc. So I want to import or merge the changes, based on date if possible - the object with the later modified date can overwrite the older date. If all the data is the same, except for notes changes, it just merges the notes. Is this possible? Any idea's? Is there a script that will automate this process? Thanks!

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    Re: Import Exchange 2003 Public Folder Contacts

    Any idea's? I am really in a pickle!