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Wrong username on meeting request reply?

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  • Wrong username on meeting request reply?


    We had a strange event happen this afternoon that I cannot explain without the "BOFH" excuse of the day calendar.

    Steve creates a meeting request and sends it to users Alan & Todd.

    Alan quickly responds and says ok I will be there and sends it back to Steve the resonse comes in and the From: field says that it came from Todd

    Later in the day Todd replies and says ok I will be there.

    So in Steve's outlook it appears that Todd replied twice, and Alan never responded.

    I even checked the permissions on Todd's mailbox and there are no other users that have permission to it other then usual admin's.

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    Re: Wrong username on meeting request reply?

    The trouble we are having is in a 2003 Domain with one PDC and one BDC. The PDC is server 2003 R2 running Exchange 2003, 90% of the workstations are XP SP2 (a few are SP3) all running Outlook 2003.

    It was just reported to me from a different user that he received a random meeting request response.

    User A sends a meeting request to User B, User B responds ok I will be there. User C seems to be randomly chosen out of a hat to receive a copy of the response from User B.

    What is going on here??? Anybody?
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      Re: Wrong username on meeting request reply?

      Have a search on the word "delegates" on these forums and you may find something useful.

      Something like this:

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        Re: Wrong username on meeting request reply?

        Sorry for not researching this before posting, I found the answer to my problem on this forum.

        Some of the users had "delegates" added to their mailbox's which caused this to happen.

        The settings are found under -Tools -Options on the Delegates tab.


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          Re: Wrong username on meeting request reply?

          One more thing; Windows Server 2003 does not have PDCs and BDCs - it has only Domain Controllers, and all domain controllers have a full read-write copy of the database. For backwards compatibility in mixed domains, and for rapid replication of urgent matters such as password changes, there is a PDC Emulator role which is held by one of these domain controllers.

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