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how can i be certain that mail reach his destination

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  • how can i be certain that mail reach his destination


    we use SBS2003 on our company.
    it happens to us that mails that we send come back after 2-3 weeks with message unable to deliver.
    our company cannot accept this kind of unknown mail delivery to the destination.
    is there any way for me to tell that the message that i've sent has reach his destination?
    in the ms outlook there is a check box when you send a mail that say Request a Delivery Receipt.does this check box really does the work ?
    do i have a third party that can do that?


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    Re: how can i be certain that mail reach his destination

    If you need to know that something has reached its destination, then you don't use email.
    The most that you can do with email is know that the message has been delivered to the next server. That could be your ISPs server or the server of the recipient. What happens to that message - who knows.
    Message tracking will show you that the message has left your server - that is the most that you can do.

    I compare email to a postcard. Do not write anything in an email that you wouldn't write on the back of a postcard and do not expect it to get there.

    A three week delay to receive a bounce is unusual. Most email will bounce back in 48 hours. A delay of that kind usually means that something has hung on to the email in error. Whether that is something at your side or something remotely, I couldn't say. Again message tracking (if enabled) will confirm that the message has left the server.

    Read/Delivery reports aren't worth the hassle. Many people (myself included) consider them rude. you send me an email you will never get anything more than a delivery report, and all that will tell you is the message was delivered to a server. It does not guarantee that the message has reached the mailbox or been blocked by an antispam filter.

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