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OWA and Exchange Server 2003

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  • OWA and Exchange Server 2003

    I've just realised that Exchange Server 2003 std has OWA!! I thought it didn't because we upgrded from Exchange 2000 Server std. Anyway, now that we have it, I'd like to use it even though it's for just the IT Team. We don't use ISA Server, so my question is how do I configure it to allow external logins to email for the IT team.

    We have 3 sites, one Domain, 1 Windows Server 2003 DC in each site. Our DNS is intenal i.e. it can't resolve external addresses to names and Vice versa. Thanks for your reply in advance.

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    Re: OWA and Exchange Server 2003

    Exchange 2000 std had OWA too even 5.0 and 5.5

    You don't need ISA for it at all so no probs with that.

    Check that "http://localservername/exchange" works without issues. Make sure you are fully patched.
    Get a public cert for soemthing like (make sure this is correct for you) and add it to IIS. Setup public DNS (A record pointing to your server) and allow https into your network. Make sure OWA is allowed for the users you want and then get your users to test.
    You could even setup split DNS and add as another zone so you can use it secured internally too.

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      Re: OWA and Exchange Server 2003


      what about using public IP and natting it with exchange server.. ensure tht you use https....

      I believe exchange 2003 std has RPC over http feature...
      can use outlook to access email from externally...



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        Re: OWA and Exchange Server 2003

        Thanks Guys, I'll keep you posted.