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Email sending/ DNS issue

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  • Email sending/ DNS issue

    Hi, I have a problem with email sending (external) with my exchange server (2000). I configured it to using smart host, attemp direct delivery was activated and supply external (ISP) DNS server IP in Configure external DNS Server (Exchange server Virtual SMTP Server properties).
    Exchange behind ISA Server 2000, configured as SNAT client. It has worked well before, and experiencing this problem from yesterday. I have check DNS server and it has working well for internal network (no error in event log), but it failed when tried to resolving external name. I have 2 DNS Server in DC's computers, both GC, configured to using forwarder to ISP DNS Server. I can explorer to the net, only having name issues. I thought if there's a problem with my DNS server because when I nslookup using ISP DNS server as a server to resolve external network it worked well. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.