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Exchange 2003 meeting acceptance going to extra user

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  • Exchange 2003 meeting acceptance going to extra user

    I have been working on this problem for 3+ months to no avail. Two users have some sort of hidden tie that I must be missing. Meeting acceptance/denial messages, from on and off domain are going both to the person sending the meeting request out and another coworker who is not included in the meeting at all. The two users in question had previously set up permissions to edit each others calendars in outlook 2003, but since have removed all permission in that respect. I have checked and there is no delegated access between the two, and this only seems one way. User A's meeting request confirmations are going to User B. There are no common parties involved except for the meetings are originating from User A, and User B gets the confirmations as well.

    I have checked for any ties in active directory, and both users Outlook 2003 clients. I have sent meeting requests to users off domain and on, every time there is an accept/deny User B gets a copy as well.

    Any ideas what I may be missing? I am half tempted to backup the accounts, delete them, recreate them and then copy the messages. calendar, etc back to them.

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    Re: Exchange 2003 meeting acceptance going to extra user

    It is a delegate. You may not see the delegate in the GUI but it will be connected to the delegate functionality.

    Try removing all delegates from the user who originates the messages.
    Wait 30 minutes.
    Then add someone new to the list of delegates, who has never been a delegate of that user before. I will often create a test account for that purpose.
    Wait 30 minutes.
    Then remove that new person from the delegates list and add the originals back in.

    It is important that you remove all existing delegates first, so that the new person overwrites the list. This process resets the delegates list.

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      Re: Exchange 2003 meeting acceptance going to extra user

      Thanks. Will give it a try.