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append to end of Email address

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  • append to end of Email address


    I have been asked if it is possible to append to an Email address when email to that address leaves our server

    e.g. to append to the end of emails sent to @test.test so the resultant address is

    I've had a look around and wonder if recipient policies could be used but I can't see how or alternatively has any other ideas of how to do this (if it is possible) - is it possible to set up a rule to do this (if so how?) or write a script which will fire whenever sent to the Email address (again how).

    We are running Exchange 2003 SP1 (can't upgrade to SP2).

    many thanks


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    Re: append to end of Email address

    Why can't you upgrade to SP2? If that is vendor support then I would shout at the vendor to sort themselves out. SP2 has been released for well over two years and is rock solid. Vendors not supporting service packs should not be tolerated.

    To answer your specific question, it cannot be done with Exchange. You might find something that can run on another server, some kind of address rewriting tool. Exclaimer is one that I know can do address rewriting. It would need to sit at the SMTP level though otherwise it would interfere with the Exchange operation.

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