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force all users/groups to new primary smtp domain?

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  • force all users/groups to new primary smtp domain?


    We're running mostly server 2003 (in 2000 native) and Exchange 2003 sp2.

    Our user base's smtp domains are spread across several SMTP domains (e.g.,, etc) as are our distribution groups. The powers that be have decided that all emails sent from our organization should come from 1 single domain, a new domain, e.g.

    When I go into ESM and update our primary recipient policy with the new domain, set it as primary and enable it (while disabling the old primary domain via the tick boxes) and click ok or apply I get prompted with

    "The email Addresses of type(s) [SMTP] have been modified.
    Do you want to update all corresponding recipient e-mail addresses to match tehse new address(es)?"

    To me that sounds like it's asking to update all Exchange objects (user accounts, distribution groups, anything with an Exchange alias) with the new primary SMTP domain. Is this what will occur?

    If not, how can I force a new primary smtp domain onto all Exchange objects at the same time (so we don't have to manually update all entries in AD)?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: force all users/groups to new primary smtp domain?

    Yes that is what will occur; apart from any user that has been specifically removed from the policy updates (tick box in user email address properties). It may take some time for this to replicate out and the offline address book will not show this until it is updated and refreshed on the clients.

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