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  • Exchange Online Maintenance Processes

    Hi All,

    Am wondering if anyone can tell me the processes which Exchange 2003 runs in its nightly maintenance.
    I understand there are about 15 steps it goes through and it will attempt to do as many as it can in the mainenance window. I also understand that if the maintenance window finishes, it will not cancel the current task and finish it off. We now have a 180GB store ( .edb 150GB, .stm 30GB ) in our exchange environment and I am concerned due to the size of the store, that the nightly maintenance is running way into the normal working day, affecting the disk performance of the server. Hence the reason for wanting to know the processes which run.

    I am also concerned about stopping the maintenance throughout the working week, but unless someone can increase the hours in the day to 50 then I dont see any other way but sheduling the maintenance at the weekend ?

    Any feedback/input is as usual appreciated.


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    Re: Exchange Online Maintenance Processes

    The first thing is that you don't have to worry about online maintenance running in to the working day, unless something has been set. By default it can only be set in four hour windows. Therefore I would check to see what maintenance window has been set.

    However on a store of that size I can pretty much guarantee that it isn't completing successfully. As you are running Enterprise edition I would strongly advise that you split the store up. The target size should be around 50gb per store, so you can use the other three Storage Groups quite easily and split the users in to four. You might actually want to consider splitting them in to three SGs so that the original can be dropped. Split the store up and then the process will run successfully.

    As for your specific question, I don't think that information has been made public. I can't see it in the technical reference guide. The main thing that is being done is an online defrag and cleanup of the database to allocate white space. You can see the results of that with event ID 1221. However if online defrag isn't completing then you may not bet getting an white space allocated, so the store is just bloating.

    To be blunt - the server needs some maintenance and you need to review how you are managing it. A single store should not have been allowed to get to that sort of size.

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      Re: Exchange Online Maintenance Processes

      Fair comment I will endeavour to create more SG's on the box and start moving people into them.

      I would add in our defense though, that we bought the Enterprise version of Exchange with the idea of large mail stores in mind . We spent alot of time speccing out our hardware and following the whitepaper on disk raids etc . Unlimited mail store does suggest a larger mail store than 140GB .. OK I appreciate there would be an eventual limit within reason.. Surely though if 50GB were the target size, our friends at Microsoft would have made a big point about it .. ( queue the millions of links stating exactly that ) I somehow missed that anyway ..

      Thanks for your response.

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