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Restore one user mailbox from recovered MDBDATA folder?

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  • Restore one user mailbox from recovered MDBDATA folder?

    Hey guys!
    Something went wrong with the backup so the mailboxes were not backed up. ( don't even start ). I do however have a shadowcopy of the MDBDATA folder - so I have recovered the whole priv1.edb, log files and the rest of the files therein.

    How can I mount the "old priv1.edb" as a different store and extract one users mailbox (or really just one folder of that users mailbox)? Preferrably without taking down the Exchange server during the process. Will there be any transaction log problems? I do not want to jeapordise the operation of the mailserver doing this...

    Edit: I do not have a disaster recovery on my hands. One user lost one folder with newsletters and I wish to recover just that folder, the problem is that the backup failed so I have to recover that one newsletter folder directoly from the shadowcopy of priv1.edb. That's what I need some pointers on. Thanks!
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    Re: Restore one user mailbox from recovered MDBDATA folder?

    If you are using Exchange 2003 then it might mount in a recovery storage group. If it is Exchange 2000 then you are looking at a recovery server.

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