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    Dear Friends

    I am facing a problem in exchange server. When i am connect my exchange server through outlook i recvied the following error.

    "Task microsoft exchange server reported error 90x800401:d): The serveris is not available. Cotact your administrator if this codition persists.

    I am using exchange server 2003 with outlook 2003.

    I can access my mailbox through OWA and i face no problem.
    My outlook show the disconected status message.

    I have configure the outlook in the same machine (Exchange server 2003 and outlook 2003 - Testing purpose)

    Can anybody tell me actually what's the problem and how can i solved this.

    Please give me right solutions.

    Thanks @!

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    Re: Exchange Help

    Put the outlook 2003 on a workstation and try, if that doesnt work try to rejoing the domain with that workstation.
    What do I know, I am only 26.


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      Re: Exchange Help

      You installed Outlook on the same server as Exchange?
      If so, that is not supported and will usually cause a problem with the Exchange server. Remove Outlook and reboot the server with your fingers crossed. If Exchange doesn't start correctly then you will have to reinstall Exchange.

      Simon Butler
      Exchange MVP

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