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Exchange 2003 STD Defrag/White Space?

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  • Exchange 2003 STD Defrag/White Space?


    We are running Exchange 2003 STD on a transitioned SBS2003 box. My mailbox store is up to 81GB, and I am getting error messages about size and may be dismounted...I went through and freed up probably 12-15 GB, but have not run an offline defrag so I am still at the 81GB.

    My question is about the store automatically dismounting. Over the weekend during the full backup the store dismounted and the backup failed. The store never came back online by itself, my manager rebooted the server not knowing what the deal was to fix the problem everything has been working since the reboot.

    I am hoping that by deleting the 12-15GB of stuff that I should have plenty of "white space" will that prevent the mailbox store from being dismounted freqently.

    Is there a way to check the available whitespace? Where to I check the retension policy information to make sure that the 11GB mailbox I deleted will be wiped out after with an offline defrag?

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    Re: Exchange 2003 STD Defrag/White Space?

    The offline defrag will shrink the size of the file by approximately 12-15GB. This should keep the store from dismounting due to hitting the size limit. The retension policy has nothing to do with the white space so defragging will not affect any items. If you are performing online defrags via Exchange Maintenence on the store then you will get an Event 1221 in the Application event log on the server that will rpeort how much free space (white space) exists in the store.


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      Re: Exchange 2003 STD Defrag/White Space?

      An offline defrag in this scenario is a waste of time.
      The behaviour of the store was changed with SP2. Exchange now takes in to account the amount of white space before stopping the store. That is why you can have a store that is physically larger than 75gb.

      The store dismounts when a check is done of the store size. By default that is done at 5am.

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