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Fixed IP Exchange 2003

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  • Fixed IP Exchange 2003

    Cant remember if I can get away with this or if i need a fixed IP from my ISP.
    Basically im moving my company over to a Domain based infrasctructure and over to Exchange 2003. At present we have a dynamic Ip address from our ISP. Do we need a fixed IP from our ISP in order to get Exchange 2003 to recieve external mails or can we get away with dynamic, without any problems. I know about changing all the mx records etc. Just not sure on the Ip issue.

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    Re: Fixed IP Exchange 2003

    A static ip would be best but if you cannot get one you can use a dynamic DNS service like I use this for my home server and it works great but I would only recommend it in a production business environment if you have no other choice.


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      Re: Fixed IP Exchange 2003

      Thanks, due to the nature of the business. We cannot use a fixed IP address. Which is a bit of a pain


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        Re: Fixed IP Exchange 2003

        You can use Exchange with a dynamic IP address, but it is a pain. I ran Exchange at home on a dynamic IP address for two years, before I switched to a business class ISP.
        You also cannot send email directly, you will have to send email through the ISPs smart host.

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