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  • outlook webaccess Exchange 2003

    Hi Guys,

    I have an exchange 2003 Server which has been working for the passed three years . I just notice a funny security bridge. When users logon through the web access ,they are ask for their network crendtials which is the user name and password.

    when a user a logon to his webaccess and decide to change to another user by typing the http:// ipaddres_server/exchange/another_username. It automatically logon to that user without asking for network crendentials. I don't see it as normal.

    In Exchange virtual Server and IIS, intergrate windows authentication and Basic authentication are configured for web access.

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    Re: outlook webaccess Exchange 2003

    In that case someone has changed your permissions so everyone has access to Exchange, clearly that isn't good.
    Can you look at the permissions on a single user and work back from there? Look for domain users, everyone groups etc to see if they have been set to full control.

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      Re: outlook webaccess Exchange 2003

      if youve given "full access" to a user to another mailbox, when you open the other box in owa it will automatically log you in with your existing credentials(this works even smoother with 2k7)
      if its after youve closed the browser then id check the cache settings