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[adress abuse] How to stop fake NDR

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  • [adress abuse] How to stop fake NDR


    One of our employees her e-mail address is used to send spam messages around the world.
    Now all the NDR report are delivered at her mailbox.
    I just 1) wanted to make a rule or 2) delete the e-mail address to block the messages but...:

    Option 1 is not useful because she also has a blackberry and all the messages are also delivered here.
    Option 2 is nog useful because of her business cards etc.

    There must be someone who has this problem in the past and has a useful solution.


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    Re: [adress abuse] How to stop fake NDR

    We're getting exactly the same thing at the moment, one use got over 600 messages in under an hour.... So far I've just ruled them off to delted items (Had to do a quick fix as the user was mobile and not much use checking email on your phone if you've got 600 NDR's in your inbox!)

    It's a tricky one as you obcviously still want correct NDR's to get through!


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      Re: [adress abuse] How to stop fake NDR

      I believe GFI is capable of filtering fake DNR's, it'll check for sent emails before allowing DNR's. If email was never sent it is fake.