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Exchange in a Child Domain

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  • Exchange in a Child Domain

    I am trying to install Exchange 2003 in a new Child domain. Currently we are a flat domain I added a new domain called and I want to install exchange to that domain. I need this to be administered by the domain admins in the new subdomain.

    I installed Exchange on the a server in the new domain, and it just appears next to my other exchange servers in system manager, but the question I have is, I have to log into the server as admin in the top level domain and not the new domain in order to use Exchange System Manager. The new server is seen in system manager on in the top level domain and not the new Child domain. I need to ensure that the admin of the new “” domain can log into the server in the “news” domain and administer everything. Do i simply just have to delegate control?

    I also want email addresses to be created by the system in the new "NEWS" domain so it would read "[email protected]"

    Does this make sense?

    Thanks in advance

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    Yes it does.

    First, delegate control for the child domain admin to the Ex Org by giving him or her VIEW ONLY rights.

    Then, you should (or should I say, "shuld have") create a second Administrative group, and install the new server into it. This cannot be done AFTER the new server is already installed...

    Even if the new server is in the same Admin Group as the old server, you can still seperatly delegate Admin rights to it by using the permissions tab, and giving the child domain admin Full Control over the server object.

    As for the email addresses - you should create a new Recipient Policy and have it only filter users from the child domain, then assign it a default e-mail address format and apply the changes.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Daniel, First thank you for your help. I've followed your steps.

      Just to make sure, i did the installation of Exchange in my child domain under the root domains administrator account so it could be properly added to the site. I just wanted to make sure i was supposed to do the installation that says " install on additional servers " Is this correct?

      Also, your site ROCKS!