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Authenticate POP3 connections with email address?

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  • Authenticate POP3 connections with email address?

    Hey folks! I'm new to the board, and relatively new to Exchange2003.

    Here's my situation: our company is moving to an internal Exchange2003 email server. We currently use an external email provider, from which our users get mail via POP3. Email clients supply their full email address ([email protected]) and password to authenticate and fetch their mail.

    Now, I have not been able to figure out whether we can CONTINUE authenticating our POP3 users using their email address rather than their Active Directory account name. Since we have a master email address/password list and can easily build all our accounts on our new server, I would MUCH prefer to let them use their email address to authenticate, as it would prevent us from having to help around 150 remote users reconfigure their accounts.

    So: is there any way for a POP3 client to connect to POP3 on Exchange by supplying an email address+password rather than Active Directory account+password?

    Thanks in advance... hopefully I'm not living a total pipe dream here.