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Exchange 2003 SP/2 (MS SBS)

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  • Exchange 2003 SP/2 (MS SBS)


    Recently signed up for Perimiter Email Protection with anti spam and virus protection. Seems to be quite good at what it does. I have enabled IMF on the Exchange Server and no issues there. All is good. I would like to now set the Exchange Server to accept email from 1 IP Block only. That block will be provided by the PEP service provider. I would like to know how to configure this in Exchange 2003 and by configuring this I do not believe that it will have any adverse affects on IMF but I am not sure. In closing, I have searched the forum for a like post and the search returned no like questions.

    Thanks -F5mann (and still driving)

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    Re: Exchange 2003 SP/2 (MS SBS)

    IP address restrictions are set on the SMTP virtual server in ESM, under Connections.
    However the usual recommendation is that any restrictions are made on the firewall, not the server.

    IMF operation isn't affected by that change.

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      Re: Exchange 2003 SP/2 (MS SBS)

      Thanks for the reply.

      F5mann (still flying)