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Upgrading Exchange 2003 to new hardware

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  • Upgrading Exchange 2003 to new hardware

    Am new to the forum, but have used it for research in the past.

    I am upgrading my exchange server to new hardware and would appreciate any pointers. I have been researching the MS knowledgebase, Symantec knowledgebase and have browsed the Petri forums.

    The new system will have the same name as the existing system.

    Current System Specs

    Dell PowerEdge 2850
    Windows 2003 Standard Ed.
    Not a domain controller
    Exchange 2003 SP2
    Symantec BackupExec 10D
    Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1
    Symantec Antivirus for Exchange 11

    New Server

    Dell PowerEdge 2950

    Have installed Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition and have not started configuring anything else.

    Do I need to reinstall all of the applications on the new server and then restore exchange or is there a better (or less complex) way to restore?

    Any pointers greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Upgrading Exchange 2003 to new hardware

    If you have to keep the same name then why not do a full backup of the exchange and of AD, restore the AD to a VM (or maybe VMConvert the DC) and then restore the Exchange to the new server using the VM DC. This should show you how it would go in the real world. The problem with keeping the same name is that to add it back the old server has to be gone.
    WOUld be good to hear everyone else's thoughts on this though.

    You could use it as a DR test too.

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      Re: Upgrading Exchange 2003 to new hardware

      As long as you give up the server name, you can migrate with zero down time, zero risk to the data an without having to visit any machines. You do have to take your time, but it does work and is how I do all of my migrations.

      Trying to use the same server name involves a backup/restore, or a double swing migration which is really not necessary.

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        Re: Upgrading Exchange 2003 to new hardware

        just out of interest - what's wrong with the 2850?
        Mazda 323f specifications
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