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  • OWA - errors on page

    I have 2 BE and one FE ( all running win2003R2 SP2, Exchnage 2003 SP2) servers. One BE is located on diffrent site.
    Recently, due to heav traffic between sites I have installed another FE server. Each FE has it's own static IP.
    Everything looked ok, but then one of the users called me to tell that he has a very weird OWA look ( as on the pic below )
    If he logins to the old FE everything is OK, but when he is trying to login on the new OWA he has this weird OWA look with errors on page.
    Another note: when I login to both servers with user that has administrative rights everything is ok on both servers.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: OWA - errors on page

    Version mismatch or authentication settings aren't correct somewhere.
    Ensure that the frontend has the same patches on its as the backend server.
    Have you tried to change the authentication or other settings for OWA from the default? If you have then reset the virtual directories.

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