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2nd exchange server & OWA

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  • 2nd exchange server & OWA

    Having created a 2nd exchange server my OWA request for a Mailbox on that server doesn't work. How do you configure exchange with 2 servers so that it automatically knows which server to go to for OWA access.

    Any advice in configuring a 2nd exchange server much appreciated.

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    Re: 2nd exchange server & OWA

    Exchange should figure it out itself. Have you waited for AD to sync? Does the account show in your GAL? Did you move a mailbox from one server to the other or did you create the account fresh?

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      Re: 2nd exchange server & OWA

      Are you trying to access OWA from inside or outside the network?

      From inside it should automatically redirect - if you used move mailbox to move the mailbox to the new server. In a few occasions I have found that it doesn't work correctly, and moving the mailbox back to the original server then moving it again will get things to work.

      If you are accessing OWA from outside the network, then it will attempt to redirect to the real name of the other Exchange server - which you cannot change. I always recommend that when a second mailbox server is introduced that a third server configured as a frontend server is also introduced. It makes life a lot easier for everything - particularly the users who don't need to know which server their mailbox is located on.

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