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Outbound queue stuck

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  • Outbound queue stuck

    I cannot get my messages out of the outbound queue in Exchange 2003. Everything was working fine, now there are messages stuck there. I cleaned out all of the spam, and took off the NDR, but they are still there. I get the message " the remote server did not respond to the connection attempt". I know these are good addresses. I am using the Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant from Microsoft. If I go into the advanced window of the SMTP Virtual Server to configure my DNS ip addresses to the external DNS Servers, I get an error saying the primary DNS Server can not be reached. And it might be configured to only accept UDP queries. But these are the same ones that we use to resolve for the internet and they work fine for that.

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    Re: Outbound queue stuck

    Can you telnet to 25 for a given domain or the smarthost?
    Sounds possible that there is a firewall blocking your outbound connection or DNS resolution.
    Does this server have internet access working ok (without a proxy)?

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      Re: Outbound queue stuck

      yes, I can telnet to just fine from the server. That is why I am stumped


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        Re: Outbound queue stuck

        Don't set external DNS servers on the SMTP virtual server. That will cause problems.
        The server should be using AD DNS servers only - no external DNS servers anywhere in the configuration.
        If you are using forwarders on the AD domain controllers then ensure that they are still valid.

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          Re: Outbound queue stuck

          Download the smtpdiag tool from Microsoft and run it on the exchange server. Use a recipient address for one of the emails that is stuck in the queues. This will give you a better idea of what is happeneing with that remote domain's email server. It could simply be that those email servers are busy, down, etc.