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Clustered Exchange Environment - Remove a Virtual server instance

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  • Clustered Exchange Environment - Remove a Virtual server instance

    Hi Guys,

    A while back, I was having some problems with Exchange 2003 receiving incoming mails from my Gateway server. ( It was resolved with replacement of a dodgy switch) Anyway, through the course of my troubleshooting, I came up with the bright idea of adding a second SMTP Virtual server instance with a second cluster ip . I managed to find a document on it and all went well ( or so I thought).. I now have the following odd behaviour.

    When pinging the clustered dns name of the server I mostly get the main virtual IP of the 1st virtual server instance as a responder, however on some occasions, I get the second virtual IP as a responder. This causes problems as I dont think my secondary second virtual IP is setup right . If a users outlook is attempting to connect to exchange using the clustered dns name ( as It should be ) then if they are resolving to the 2nd Virtual IP, they cannot connect. The end result is that I have to create a hosts entry which forces resolution to the primary ip from the cluster name, then all is well.

    This isnt the tidyest of methods... I know I have some options, but cannot find any documentation to guide me through it .

    1) Remove the Second Virtual IP - SMTP Virtual Server Instance 2 .. ( I would really like to find a step by step guide on this .. but no luck so far !! Does anyone have any information ?

    2) I can make sure that the Second Virtual IP responds to IMAP queries for the user so that it doesnt matter whether they connect to the 1st or 2nd virtual ip instances. Again, any info on this from you guys, or any docs ?

    I have tried in the past to do it, but end up in a "chicken and egg" scenario with the clustered resources .. All I end up doing is failing over and back again and the end result is me putting things back as they were ..

    Any help/advice is appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.