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Set up Exchange 2003 using dynamic IP

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  • Set up Exchange 2003 using dynamic IP

    I currently only have a dynamic IP, and registered domain name. I have
    however registered with a dynamic DNS service. I have read a couple posts
    that mention you can use Exchange with a dynamic IP, but am not sure how I
    go about this, does anyone know of a good link I can follow to read up on the
    correct way to go about setting this up.


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    Re: Set up Exchange 2003 using dynamic IP

    Hi there, I have used, setup exchange using a dynamic IP address in the past. I can't say that I found any particular guides on how to do this, however I can give a small amount of advice.

    Firstly, is the domain name that you are going to use, registered with the dynamic IP update service? Its easier to manage if it is. If that is the case, you would then set up your A record and then your MX records for the domain that you intend to use for your server and exchange install in the management console of the dynamic service updater. Otherwise you are going to have to set up the records with whoever you have registered the domain with and then point the domain at the IP update nameservers. Once these settings have taken effect and you open up the ports that you require on your router, if you have one to forward to the internal server address that is going to host the various services you wish to access. As long as the IP update service software is running and updating it should work reasonable well. The main thing to do is configure your A record and your MX records correctly and it should work quite well.

    Im sorry if this post is a bit vague but its been a few months since I have done this myself.




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      Re: Set up Exchange 2003 using dynamic IP

      This is my guide to the process:

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