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Top Level Public folder deletion

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  • Top Level Public folder deletion

    Ok this is going to be hard to explain so please feel free to ask specific question.
    We have a few sites that we are migrating to a consolidated exchange environment.

    Exchange 2003 AD 2003.
    We are using Quest to migrate our Public folders and user data.
    We had the public folders replicated to the new exchange servers when they were deleted.
    Now we need to put them back but we are getting tombstone issues.

    1/2008 2:54:29 PM MailKernel::ImportPF Error 2031 Cannot copy the folders' hierarchy.
    4/1/2008 2:54:29 PM MailContainer::GetNextFolder Warning 1704 Target folder not found. Probably it was deleted or has not been synchronized yet (SourceKey = '41F0E38FE21992459EA4A0640BADBFAD000000098369').
    4/1/2008 2:54:29 PM MailContainer::IsEmpty Warning 1703 Mail container still has some unsynchronized data: hierarchy - 0, content - 1.

    It looks good for awhile but overnight Active Directory over writes the public folders and all data is deleted. I have no clue how to mitigate this issue and Micro$ft has been useless.
    We have tried PFDAVADMIN, also creating blank information stores.. Nothing seems too work.
    Any help would be appreciated like you would not believe.

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    Re: Top Level Public folder deletion

    If you were using Quest then I would go back to Quest and ask for their assistance.
    If AD keeps wiping out the data but you can get hold of the data then I would be looking to rebuild the public folders and move the data to new physical folders.

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