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Changing Exchange Server in profile after migration.

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  • Changing Exchange Server in profile after migration.

    We are migrating our Exchange Server into another forest, and want users the next day to open up outlook and use the new server while not losing their PST files open and N2k files. I don't want to touch every PC and try to find their PST's and copy or rename N2K files.

    <OldExServer> is in Domain1 <>
    <NewExServer> is in a new forest. <>
    Both are Exchange Server 2003 on Windows 2003 R2 boxes.

    When I manually change the Profile under "Exchange Settings" "Exchange Server" from <OLDEXServer.> to <NEWExServer>, then I can open up outlook and the new server will be connected and their Archive files(PST) and Nickname file(n2k) will still be available.

    I'm trying to Automate this task, but it will never change. I'm trying to use Desktop Authority but it is failing.

    Has anyone used any Scripts to do this? I've Thought about using a PRF file, but I think it will over write the old profile and the N2k and PST files won't be there.

    The Microsoft Exchange Server Exchange Profile Redirector looks promising but I haven't seen any documentation.