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  • No outgoing or incoming messages

    I'm been working on a Exch2007 Transition but all of a sudden, no emails are coming or going through our current 03 exch. Emails are getting stuck in the "Messages with an unreachable destination" and there is another unknown queue that references either our routing group or smtp connector. When i click on the queue, the "additional queue information" at the bottom says "Unable to deliver the message because the destination address was misconfigured as a mail loop".

    Any quick ideas?


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    Re: No outgoing or incoming messages

    How many Exchange servers and of which type?
    More info would be handy.

    Have you checked Link State routing - half way down this?

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      Re: No outgoing or incoming messages

      Well, got that working. It was simply a firewall issue.

      The pressing need is what I'm facing now. Trying to get the current exch03 and new exch07 to send mail to each other and I'm really confused on the whole routing connector issue. I deleted the routing connectors (during my troubleshooting process) that exch07 setup created and recreated them in the mgmt shell. when i run the new-routinggroupconnector command, it creates the connector twice and places one in each routing group folder of each administrative group. Is this correct? I would think that i needed to create 2 connectors with different source and target servers and then each one would be place in its appropriate connector folder. But at this rate, If i do this then there ends up being 4 connectors, 2 in the exch03 connector group and the exact same 2 in the exch07 group. Is this correct? Knowing this answer will help me trouble shoot it further.