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    hey ppl, I'm attaching a pic of my queue list. My problem is the most popular domains like,,, etc. are not releasing the emails. I have Gfi Mail Essentials and McAfee GroupShield running along with Exchange 2003. NOt really sure how to resolve this so any help is appreciated.
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    Re: Messages stuck in queues

    My initial thought would be that AOL, MSN, GMAIL, etc. all get millions of emails a day so it is fairly normal to see some delay in your emails being accepted by their mail servers. If email to other domains is flowing normally I wouldn't worry about it. If you are worried about it you can look at the SMTP log and see what the log file entries for those domains shows. You can also look at temporarily disabling your GFI and McAfee on the Exchange server to see if those queues clear up. I'm assuming you are excluding the Exchange directories from AV scanning, right?


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      Re: Messages stuck in queues

      Do you have a ptr record for your mail?
      AOL (and nmany others nowadays) are well known for being quite strict on mail. Have you checked something like mxtoolbox to see if you have been blacklisted anywhere.

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        Re: Messages stuck in queues

        We have always had trouble with AOL, and past research has shown that AOL won't accept mail if your IP address cannot be resolved to a domain name via reverse DNS, which is our case.