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Managing user's calendars

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  • Managing user's calendars

    Hi all

    We have Exchange 2003 running on WinS2k3. I am tasked with allowing my superiors access to other user's calendars, and also to share certain user's calendars between departments. Is there any way to do this from our server, IE an administration utility or such? I would like to avoid having to ask each user to share their calendars, and set the permissions accordingly - I'd much rather manage that myself.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Managing user's calendars

    Give yourself full mailbox access to the users mailbox and then add that into your outlook, when you have done that go to the properties of the calendar and give the relevant access to the user.



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      Re: Managing user's calendars

      Hmm...kind of obvious, I guess. That would work...although I was more thinking of being able to prevent users from "un sharing" their calendars. If no other suggestions come up I will do that - thanks.


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        Re: Managing user's calendars

        You cannot stop the users from unsharing their calendar. The Microsoft model is based on the user having "full control" over their data. The administrator cannot stop the user from doing anything to the actual content of the mailbox.

        The only way that you can restrict the users would be to set permissions on the server. However the only setting that you can set on the server is Full Mailbox Access.

        Calendar permissions are exclusively client side, so any central settings all require full mailbox access.

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          Re: Managing user's calendars

          OK, in that case I will use tolmie's suggestion..thanks guys.