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How do I change default website

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  • How do I change default website

    I have Windows 2003 Server with Exchange 2003 running on it as well. Initially, we had a website set up through IIS and named it "". I setup Exchange 2003 at that time and it of course installed all of the items it needed under the default website. Since that time, we had a new website with a shopping cart program that was created and they "stopped" the original/default site. I need this site to run for Exchange to work properly but I cant start it up with the second site running. How do I either 1) get the default site to work in conjunction with the new site, or 2) move the Exchange components (e.g. ExAdmin, Exchange, ExchWeb) as well as other files to the new website so the can be accessed?

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    Re: How do I change default website

    Add another IP address to the NIC and start your shopping site on that, this should mean you can then start the default one on the original IP.

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      Re: How do I change default website

      I'm a little unclear on what you mean. When you say that you can't start the default website with the second site running does this mean that the second site doesn't work when you start the default site or does it mean that something is preventing the default site from starting?

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        Re: How do I change default website

        A web site has to be distinct from other web sites, there are three methods to doing this:

        1. Use a different port number for each web site
        2. Use a different ip address on each web site
        3. Use host headers on one or both web sites

        It sounds like both web sites are configured for the same ip address and same port so only one can be started at a time. You should add an additional ip address to the network card on the server and configure your shopping site to use this new ip address or you should configure your shopping site to use host headers, whichever you're comfortable with.


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          Re: How do I change default website

          If you are using SSL on either site - and I would expect that you are, then both sites will need a unique IP address, both internally and externally.

          Although I wouldn't have put a a public site like a shopping cart on the Exchange server. My personal opinion is that something public should be on a public facing server - Exchange is not a public service.

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