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Exchange 2003 recipient policy

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  • Exchange 2003 recipient policy


    I have little Exchange experience so please bear with me.

    source=existing exchange 2003 server (upgraded from 5.5 last year)
    destination = new exchange 2003 server

    I have just finishing migrating our public stores over to the destination server and will start the mailbox move later this week. looking at the default policy in the recipient polices folder on the source server i can see reference to cc:mail and MS mail, what are these? is cc:mail Lotus notes or domino? What is MS mail? we do not use lotus notes and not sure why they are there. My boss thinks they are there from the 5.5 migration last year.

    also, in the alias field we have the following:

    (&(mailNickname=*)(legacyExchangeDN=/O=magnus Ltd/OU=DOMAIN/*))

    Is the above something left over from the 5.5 migration?

    I am asking because they are not present on the destination server and I am not sure whether to add them. The alias field on the destination server just reads mailNickname=*

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Exchange 2003 recipient policy

    Recipient policy is a GLOBAL setting, not a per server setting. Therefore you should leave it alone.
    The CC Mail and MS Mail I would expect is down to those connectors being installed somewhere. You should remove them if they are installed and then remove the addresses from recipient policy.

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